Jonathan Doyle Spencer—Land of Salt and Sad



First Edition,
ISBN: 978-0-9876726-9-8
Cover illustration by Andre B. Ducci
Printed and bound in Canada
Published by Anchorless Press, Toronto, Ontario


I have held Jonathan’s book hostage for two years, while Anchorless Press untied the ropes, set sail and worked on keeping afloat. Now – the waters are calm and it is finished.

This is a beautiful difficult novel and is well worth the wait.

It’s a book about relationships and closeness and distance and contradictions and uncomfortable thoughts – the thoughts that we rarely utter out loud. It’s a book of observations and quietly watching from the corner of the room. It’s book about elbows on shiny scratched bars and boots on rails and hands resting on the smalls of backs. It’s about life and the small remembrances that haunt us, every day, in a tiny voice in the back of our head, every now and then shouting to be noticed.

It’s a book you should read, and reread, and give to friends and lovers and neighbours and former lovers and crushes and strangers on park benches. But, there are only 60 copies, so you might want to inscribe your name in it …or order 2.